The rebirth of Non League Yorkshire

As regular readers will be well-aware, Non League Yorkshire has struggled to reach the heights of previous years during the last few weeks.

There are many reasons for this, mainly the growth of the thriving Disability Sport section NLY Community Sport since the middle of 2017.

But, now with two months to go until the end of the season, I am going to try and lead the ‘rebirth’ of Non League Yorkshire.

I have been watching Non League for 20 years this October so it would be a shame to let all that knowledge go to waste.

It would also be a shame to let five years of hard work go to waste – especially when it has also led to a monthly slot on BBC Radio Leeds as a Non League pundit for instance.

Ever since 2013, Non League Yorkshire has prided itself on professionalism and insightful journalism as well as ‘letting the words speak for themselves’.

There has been some very powerful articles, notably stories involving Harrison Biggins and Matt Pinder. Thanks to Billy Miller, I was lucky to do an ‘Access All Areas’ feature article on Harrogate Railway in 2013 which involved following Billy throughout the course of a match-day.

Since 2013, Non League Yorkshire has broken 30 managerial appointments or departures. Hundreds of player signings have been exclusively announced.

It won’t happen instantly, but I am aiming to reinvent NLY as an online morning ‘newspaper’.

During the season-period, an initial aim is to also publish a weekly in-depth and informative interview with a manager.

Thanks go to those who have continued to supply match reports and photos during the past few months. It is greatly appreciated.

If anyone has any content ideas, please get in touch.

James Grayson

March 2018

8 thoughts on “The rebirth of Non League Yorkshire

  1. As a former Knaresborough town player living in Los Angeles California this is one page I check every day so please keep it going.

  2. West Yorkshire League would be a great addition. Maybe start with encouraging WYL clubs to send reports in and go from there?! A lot of good football and good clubs in that league who go unnoticed!

  3. Thanks for the great and informative articles. As an expat living in Granada, your knowledge is always good to hear. Keep up the good work James.

  4. Only found this site in recent months as my lads have moved into senior football. Really enjoy it.

    I would like to second the comment by John D about the west yorks Leauge.

    They appear to have quite a large presence on social media which I imagine they might be happy to share and a few publish decent match day programmes.

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