The five highest-paid footballers in the world

The five highest-paid footballers in the world


Fresh from signing an eye-watering £400k-per-week deal at Juventus, Aaron Ramsey’s new contract has catapulted him into the top 20-highest paid footballers on the planet. Ramsey’s 11 year tenure at Arsenal will come to an end this summer, with his prosperous move to Italy confirmed in early February. 

Naturally, it got us thinking about some of the biggest contracts in world football and the staggering amounts modern-day footballers earn. You’d be forgiven if you thought that Ramsey’s new deal would put him in the top-ten highest earning players. The Welshman is actually closer to position 20 which highlights further the amount of moolah that is thrown around in the current era. 

Annually, Ramsey will pocket a cool £20.8m which isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things. However, it looks like loose change compared to some of the monstrous wages the world’s best footballers pick-up. Here’s a look at the top five highest paid stars in the world. 

Paul Pogba – £26.2 million

Manchester United are one of the world’s richest football teams and their finances appear to be never-ending. The capture of Paul Pogba for what was a world record fee in 2016 further highlighted this, and the contract that followed was befitting of the £94.5 million price tag United paid. Pogba scoops a whopping £22.8 million with a further £3.4 million coming via endorsements. Nice. 

Gareth Bale – £31.4 million

There was a time when Gareth Bale was the world’s most expensive footballer, but a certain Mr Pogba took the honours from him but I doubt Bale is too bothered. The Welsh wizard pockets wages in excess of £26.8 million per annum and a further £4.6 million in endorsements. Bale has often been linked with a move back to England but there’s only three or four teams who can realistically afford him. 

Neymar Jr – £69.6 million

Currently, Neymar Jr is the world’s most expensive footballer and his Paris Saint-Germain contract sees him sit third on the overall list of highest paid footballers. The poster boy of Brazilian football has gone from strength to strength in recent seasons, cementing himself as one of the best footballers of the modern era. His contract is literally unbelievable; £56.5 million is earned in wages and winnings and a further £13.1 million from his large number of endorsements. Maybe this explains Neymar’s ability to throw himself to the ground at every opportunity, he’s demonstrating he’s rolling in it! I’ll get my coat…