Disability Sport

NLY Community Sport duo James Grayson (left) and Connor Rollinson visited the Special Olympics in August 2017

NLY Community Sport delivers sports coaching sessions to people with disabilities and learning difficulties.We have enjoyed great success over the past three years. Several of our players have represented Mencap GB in Geneva, including Billy Hobson from Selby and Greg Smith, whose story is quite inspiring.

James Grayson and Connor Rollinson are the founders of NLY Community Sport, a not-for-profit organisation. They are very passionate about providing sporting opportunities for adults and children who suffer from mental health issues or have complex disabilities.

We aim to increase confidence and social skills, help people build new friendships/relationships, combat social isolation and loneliness, develop physical skills and communication skills. We also aim to create new aspirations for the future – as seen with five of our players being picked for the Mencap GB squad over the past few years.

NLY Community Sport currently work in partnership with Pontefract Pirates DFC and Nostell Miners Welfare. James and Connor have also coached players who have gone onto be picked for Mencap GB, including Callum Deary who until September 2017 was not actively playing football.

NLY Community Sport has its own Facebook page which you can visit HERE. We are also on Twitter – @NLYCommSport.

We currently run the following sessions each week (please always check before attending for first time)

  • Monday (5pm until 6pm) – South Yorkshire Superheroes Football Training for under 16s with disabilities and learning difficulties in Barnsley at Springwell Learning Community 
  • Monday (6pm until 7pm) – Inclusive Football training for over 16s at Springwell Learning Community.
  • Tuesday (10am until 2pm) – Sporting Activities Day for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties at Crofton Community Centre
  • Wednesday (5pm until 6pm) – Inclusive Football Training for children in Selby at Selby High School 
  • Wednesday (6pm until 7pm) – Selby Disability Football Club training for Adults at Selby High School 
  • Thursday (5pm until 7pm) – Nostell Miners Welfare Disability Football Training for Adults at Crofton Community Centre 
  • Sunday (10am until 11am) – Pontefract Pirates Disability Football Training for Juniors at Pontefract Collieries 
  • Sunday (11am until 12) Pontefract Pirates Disability Football Training for Adults at Pontefract Collieries 

Selby’s Billy Hobson and NLY’s James went to the House of Commons in May 2019 to meet Selby MP Nigel Adams

  • Springwell Learning Community executive principal David Whitaker presents the National Lottery Awards for All cheque for £8,103 to the South Yorkshire Superheroes and coaches Connor Rollinson and James Grayson

    Selby Disability Football Club

The Nostell Miners Welfare Disability Football team

The Pontefract Pirates Adults team 

Connor and James with the Pontefract Pirates Juniors

NLY Community Sport coaches James Grayson and Connor Rollinson