Disability Football

Connor Rollinson (left) and James Grayson (right)

Non League Yorkshire is a leading supporter of Disability Football and will promote it as much as possible.

NLY’s James Grayson and Worsbrough Bridge’s Connor Rollinson are leading the project which is aimed at promoting Disability Football to a mainstream audience.

The pair are currently the lead coaches for Pontefract Pirates, the large adult & junior football club For people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

James and Connor will be available to run Turn Up & Play sessions to help clubs start or build up Disability sections, as long as their Pontefract commitments remain unaffected.

James and Connor said: “When we have chatted socially, we soon realised that we are on the same wavelength and have a lot in common.

“We are both very passionate about Disability Football and helping people who are disabled, have learning difficulties or are socially disadvantaged.

“We soon realised that we could use Non League Yorkshire as a force for good. We see Non League Yorkshire as a big key which could unlock fantastic opportunities.

“We immediately spoke to (Pontefract Pirates chairman) Trevor Waddington and he gave his full support to our ideas.”