Colls should have three more points – Bray

Farcical: Duncan Bray (left) believes Pontefract should have been awarded three points for Lincoln Moorlands Railway's no-show

Farcical: Duncan Bray (left) believes Pontefract should have been awarded three points for Lincoln Moorlands Railway’s no-show

Duncan Bray is convinced that Pontefract Collieries should have been awarded for three points for crisis club Lincoln Moorlands Railway’s no-show in mid-November.

Bray predicted November would be a big month for the Colls, but because of postponements that has proved not to be the case.

Lincoln’s manager walked out a few days before and on the Saturday morning, Lincoln pulled out claiming they could not raise a team.

The match has been rescheduled for January.

Pontefract finished November in fourth place in the Toolstation NCEL Division One table, but Bray believes his side should have three more points on the board.

“November has been a bit of a farce,” he said.

“We had a game cancelled and I don’t know why and Lincoln didn’t turn up and we haven’t got three points for it.

“These were all home games. Lincoln had lost ten on the spin and they should have come here and they didn’t turn up.

“That was virtually a guaranteed three points so it has been a disappointment from that sense because we had games booked in, but we’re three games short for November.

“November has been a massive anti-climax.

“I’m bitterly disappointed not to have got those three points.

“They were struggling for a team and didn’t turn up. We could say next week that we’re struggling for players and say we’re not turning up to Louth so we can wait until next month when we have a full squad.

“We should have been awarded them points and it is a poor precedent.

“Managers change every single week in every league.

“I know if I left tomorrow that my captain would step in or even the chairman so I don’t think you can say ‘I’m not turning up this week’.”

The future looks bright for Pontefract heading into 2015.

The Colls, who travel to Louth Town tomorrow, have an excellent chance of promotion and Bray says that him and joint boss Nicky Handley are happy with their side.

“There might only one or two changes, but we don’t need a massive overhaul,” Bray added.

“We have done well this season.

“There may need to be a bit of tweaking here and there.

“There’s no point in making major changes because we have the best or second best defence in league.”

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