Frickley upset at Cup Final cancellation


Frickley Athletic chairman Gareth Dando is upset at Shaw Lane Aquaforce’s decision to withdraw from the Sheffield & Hallamshire Senior Cup final.

Mr Dando has described Shaw Lane’s withdrawal as “disrespectful” to everyone involved. The final was cancelled earlier this (Monday) afternoon.

Mr Dando said: “On behalf of Frickley Athletic I’m incredibly disappointed by the decision of the Chairman of Shaw Lane Aquaforce to withdraw them from the Sheffield Senior Cup Final less than 36 hours before the game was due to kick off.

“I feel very sorry for both sets of players and supporters who I know were looking forward to tomorrow night’s game which would have been a great way to end a wonderful season. In my view the decision to withdraw is disrespectful to the supporters and players as well as to the competition itself.

“Over 30 clubs take part in this completion , which is the 4th oldest cup competition in the world. All those clubs who enter know the rules which in our view should be applied in the same way to all clubs, regardless of what some clubs may wish.

“We’ve played four games to get this far and the reward for all that effort is to have what would have been a great occasion taken away from us when we have played by the rules and done nothing wrong.

“All teams were aware of the scheduled date of the final well before the semi finals were played. At that time there was an outside chance we could have reached the play offs but we did not request that the date of the final be moved.

“Last week Shaw Lane proposed playing their play off and the Cup Final on consecutive nights so I’m puzzled why they’ve now said to the Sheffield FA that they’re not willing to play twice in two days. If we’d have been in their position we would have played regardless of how we felt about that schedule.

“Mr Wood obviously feels differently and now it’s up to the Sheffield FA and the Football Association to decide what the consequences will be of his decision.

“Once again I have to say how sorry I feel for our fans and supporters but the decision not to play is not ours and there is nothing Frickley Athletic can do about it.”

The Sheffield & Hallamshire FA have issued a brief statement saying: “It is hugely disappointing that Shaw Lane Aquaforce have chosen to withdraw from the competition at such short notice.

“We cannot comment further as a decision on the club’s withdrawal will have to be made in due course based on the rules of the competition.”

17 thoughts on “Frickley upset at Cup Final cancellation

  1. He’s obviously right why would he risk not getting promoted by having his players play 2 games in 2 days it’s easy for the frickley chairman to say they would of done if the situation was the same, no way would they of done! It’s crazy why anyone would think it would be right to not only play a cup final but then a play off the day after if it was the other way round maybe but the Sheffield and Hallam fa should see sense it’s a bit bizarre!

  2. Didn’t everybody go out of their way to help them last year when their pitch was constantly flooded? The fa Vase games at Barnsley fc and twice at Handsworth? Wrong decision made in my opinion and one they will regret.

  3. Alex, how many players have they got registered? they have a huge squad, use it! Ask any of those Shaw lane lads if they want to play in it, if they are honest they will be desperate to play in it. That’s why you are in football for moments like this, the chance of winning a great cup and being in the history books, that chance may never come again.

  4. James, I agree with that last comment I’m sure any lad would want to play in a final such as this. I feel for the players of both clubs they must be very upset.

  5. I personally know 3 of them one granted has only joined towards the end of the season and they are only concerned with getting promoted and playing at a higher standard, yes I agree it’s a big occasion and they might not get there again but surely the risk of injuries and tiredness after a long season to play in 2 highly competitive matches in 24 hours is asking way too much? Yes big squad but some of the important players will have to play.

    1. Hi Alex, fair comment, I know where your coming from, but as a you know Tadcaster Albion have been playing Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for the last two weeks trying to win a league title and got on with it by utilising the squad. Some of Shaw Lanes players may not get a chance to play at a higher level if they go up as no doubt they will strengthen, so this was a chance for some players to get some good old fashioned glory by trying to win the final and get a winners medal and keeping the integrity of this great competition which has now been tarnished.

  6. I’m not a shaw lane fan either I play for a ncel team and have no affiliation to them just think it’s crazy to ask them to do it in 24 hours.

  7. All jumping on the bandwagon of pulling them down, a club that has got people in Barnsley talking about local football again, a breath of fresh air in my opinion.
    Sheff FA and NPL are the ones we should be asking questions of. A bit of communication between both parties could have resolved this in an amicable manner, now staff,players,supporters and anyone associated with both clubs are the losers in this. such a shame really.

  8. I do agree James but I just think at such a crucial stage in the season it should of been organised between the 2 competitions to come to an agreement where it didn’t clash, obviously shaw lane could of given better notice of the postponement as well so there not in the right aswell. It just seems a shame. I know tadcaster have been doing things similar but at least they are getting a days rest in between. Anyway what will be will be.

  9. Shocking decision. Surely the squad is large enough to put a weaken/younger team out if they are not prepared to play the strongest team.

  10. Everybody knows it is crazy playing 2 games in 2 days. Its been like this for years. SLA knew this to be the case when they played the quarter final so why spoil the competition for others? SLA have been very cynical here. 36 hours notice is the reason why SLA have let themselves down and non league football. I hope they get max. punishment.

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