Scarborough set for return home

Scarborough Athletic

Scarborough Athletic complete their emotional return to their hometown this afternoon.

After more than ten years, Scarborough return to the Town and will play their first match at their new home – The Flamingo Land Stadium.

Steve Kittrick’s men face a Sheffield United X1 in the historic match.

The new stadium will be packed to the rafters as the all-ticket match is a sell-out.

2 thoughts on “Scarborough set for return home

  1. Good for the town and the football, I suppose, that they have been able to get back ‘into’ scarboro’….BUT that ‘facility’ is not a football ground, and a hell of a step down from the McCain ground they had. A really good, proper footy ground. Looks like it will hold 600 or so, comfortably, and then…
    I suspect they’ll be yearning for Brid (ground) by November

  2. If they manage to get the crowd to come back then that place is not suitable for them. And they only have a 10 yr lease with their new landlord. Either they’ll move out soon to a proper ground they build themselves, or get fed up with the place n move up the road to Whitby to be able to progress…

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