Ossett Town and Albion to merge

Arch rivals Ossett Town and Ossett Albion are to merge, subject to FA approval.

Talks are at an advanced stage and little has been revealed, other than that in the club’s joint statement.

Both club’s currently play in the Evo Stik North.

The exciting plans clearly have huge potential, especially with Wakefield having no professional football club. Merging the Ossett club’s together could create one big super club.

7 thoughts on “Ossett Town and Albion to merge

  1. I’m not normally a fan of mergers, but this one might work. Ossett is too small for two teams at this level, and by pooling resources and support they could push on to a higher level.

    I hope they will retain the Ossett identity, though.

  2. Astounded to hear this. I spoke to Ossetters from both sides in the 90’s & the supporters were dead against it. It has been considered before but the animosity between the 2 sides put an end to it. Is there a Max Griggs figure involved, funding this?

    1. a lot of water has passed under the proverbial bridge since the 1990’s. Both clubs have gone as far as they can in their present formats. At Town, a lot of people from that era (including me) have moved on and a new group have moved in, stabilised the club and now want to take it forward. Same I reckon for the Albion. If there are any ‘dead wood’ at either club blocking the progress of football in Ossett and the chance to give young lads from the area a chance to get a career in professional football, then they should be brushed aside swiftly. Onwards and upwards for the new club (Ossett United?).

      1. looks like I’m going to have to change my name to blue ossett.

        definitely now Ossett United, playing at Ingfield, reserves etc at Queens Terrace.

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