Holmes prefers summer loving option so season can be finished

Glasshoughton Welfare joint manager Darren Holmes Picture: Jon Knight

Summer football would be a blast for Glasshoughton Welfare joint manager Darren Holmes.

Tell me more. Although he accepts a few clubs would have genuine objections because of cricket, Holmes believes dragging the 2020-21 Toolstation Northern Counties East League into the middle of the summer is one of only two options if there are further problems in the New Year.

“If we start again in December we’re going to be six or seven games short again so I don’t know how we’re going to catch up,” Holmes told Non League Yorkshire.

“Players are going to have to go out and keep themselves fit because we’re going to have four or five weeks off.

“Then are teams going to turn round and say we need two weeks off to train before we start again. With that you’ve then lost another three or four potential games?

“Are we going to start in December? Is it going to be January?

“There could be a scenario where you play each other once and call the season at 19 games and we finish on time?

“Points-per-game would have been fair last year and I would always vote for that if we have played three quarters of the season. You can’t do at this stage as it is not fair.

“I don’t mind playing right through the summer. I’m happy to play into June or July. 

“I know some teams will struggle with cricket, but I’d be happy to. There’ll be nice conditions, nice weather and it would be great for spectators.

“I think there’s only two solutions. We see where we are in January and if we can’t play it has to be null and void or the FA or NCEL decide we can play right into July. I’d be happy with that.”

Glasshoughton signed off before the lockdown with a swashbuckling 7-0 hammering of East Hull at Leeds Road on Tuesday. 

120 fans flocked to see the occasion – Glasshoughton’s biggest margin of win since the magical Craig Elliott era – and that continued the increase in attendances this season.

All clubs in the NCEL have seen larger spectator numbers and Glasshoughton have risen by 16.67%.

“The good things is that crowds are up at all Northern Counties games,” he said.

“So we have benefited from supporters not being able to go to places such as Huddersfield, Barnsley or Leeds.

“If you look at all the percentages for clubs, they are all up. People are going to miss their football. It is a bit of a shame.”

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