19 game season could be fair solution – Emley boss

Emley AFC manager Richard Tracey

Emley AFC manager Richard Tracey has suggested that a 19-league season could be a fairer solution to finish the campaign than points-per-game if the Toolstation Northern Counties East League returns to action.

Finishing a full campaign is increasingly unlikely due to the latest suspension.

But a situation where everyone plays half-a-season is certainly viable if the league restarts before the middle of March as many clubs have already played ten or 11 fixtures.

Emley are top of Division One and they face missing out on potentially winning promotion for the second consecutive season if null and void is activated again.

“I think the league have to consider looking at ensuring clubs play each other once before playing a second time then look at reducing it to 19 games if needed,” Tracey told Non League Yorkshire.

“It is a fairish way to do it, obviously negating the fairness of home and away but I’m sure that will even itself out somewhat.

“For any teams that’s played someone twice already, the first game stands. I think pre-planning has to be done to consider this at a potential outcome.

“We’ve got just over two weeks to plan that now and re-organise fixtures.

“Obviously I hope it doesn’t come to that and we can complete the season  but if we can’t the balance would be fairer for PPG if teams play each other once or the league is reduced to 19 games.

“This is only my opinion and not that of others at Emley as it’s not been discussed.”


2 thoughts on “19 game season could be fair solution – Emley boss

  1. Good idea Richard. To miss out promotion 2 years running would be an injustice for Emley as would be for other teams in the same position within the pyramid system.Onwards and upwards for all the progressive sides from step 1 to 7.

  2. Not for me. Changing the rules of a competition part way through is not acceptable. The season should be cancelled ASAP.

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