Steeton boss makes broadcast to the nation

Steeton manager Roy Mason

Steeton boss Roy Mason made a broadcast to the nation this week in an appearance on BBC1 show The Bidding Room.

Mason was the fifth seller in Friday’s show, presented by former Dangerfield star Nigel Havers, which sees five people separately come face-to-face with five dealers who bid for their items.

The Steeton manager brought along a mid-century sideboard and Havers was genuinely impressed with Mason’s eye for a bargain during his ‘opening scene’ as he had effectively only paid £50 for it.

Mason then went into the dealers room to “barter”.

During the bartering, he also gave an example of his one of pre-match team-talks which injected some light comedy into the proceedings due to the social-distancing aspect of it.

To find out how much one of the dealer’s paid for the sideboard, you can watch it on the BBC iPlayer.

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