National North and South declared null and void

The National League

The National North and South has been declared null and void after a majority of clubs voted to end the season.

The vote is subject to ratification from the FA, but the news is not a surprise given the depth of the uprising recently seen in the Divisions.

Bradford (Park Avenue) and Farsley Celtic were among the clubs who refused to play and subsequently charged with failing to fulfil fixtures.

The dispute revolves around the lack of grant funding for clubs in all three National League Divisions. Clubs received National Lottery funding to start the season in October without spectators.

Initially the hope was crowds would be allowed back in the New Year. However, the second wave put pay to that and clubs were told by the Government that only loans were available to them rather than grants.

The majority of clubs in the National North have refused to take loans, insisting they were not willing to place themselves at risk for the sake of three months of football.

The National League Premier is to continue playing as the majority voted to continue.

One thought on “National North and South declared null and void

  1. Right decision for these divs. Was a crazy offer from a crazy govt. wouldn’t be surprised if the plan was to build up big debts on those clubs, then call in the markers & drive them bust or at least out of their grounds… Or as govt would see it, all that valuable land to help pay for the covid measures… Just a thought…

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