Liversedge boss expects break

Liversedge manager Jonathan Rimmington

Liversedge manager Jonathan Rimmington expects a lengthy lay-off for Non League clubs because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but he’s hopeful the season will be completed.

The pressure on the football authorities to halt the Non League campaign is likely to intensify in the coming days and weeks as stricter local lockdowns are instigated and if the vulnerable need to shield again if hospitalisations rapidly rise.

Rimmington, whose side visit Athersley Rec tonight, is prepared for a break, but he just hopes the season is not expunged again.

“Yeah I think it will be stopped at some stage,” Rimmington told Non League Yorkshire.

“I think what they might do if they have stop it is maybe start again in March if they can and take it right through until July.

“I think it (the season) should have started because it has given people a focus. Remember it has been very difficult and people have been fed up. I’ve not been that bad because I get out on my bike or walk my dog on my own for a few hours a day. 

“If the season ended next month and wasn’t going to start again I’d feel annoyed because we have signed good players. 

“I don’t think the players are ready for a three or four month break because they want to play and are desperate to play every week.”

Rimmington also admits he is very wary around people.

“I stay outdoors (at matches) and I only go in our changing room for about a minute and I put a mask and visor on if I do,” he said.

“I’m ultra careful, but there’s people who aren’t taking the rules seriously. I stay away from people, but I could walk up to Gomersal now and there’ll be kids trying to walk straight past me because they don’t care.

“I don’t enjoy the (face-to-face) contact (with people) because we were locked down for so long. When I’m standing in front of people I’m thinking ‘whoah stay away from me’. I walk away from people now.

“I stick to the rules and I’m a bit of a stickler. I’m 55, you don’t know what part of the virus you’re going to get? You don’t know if you’re going to get a weak part or the full monty?

“It is a debilitating virus so what would you do? We should be keeping to the rules and there’s vulnerable people out there. Most of the people at our club who volunteer are 70-odd.”

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  1. Stop feeding everyone with this virus bollocks! Absolutely nothing to be concerned about, get on with your usual way of working and avoid wasting your time pretending it’s a killer virus!

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